Bunt is a small tool that isolates and collates webpages. It fetches & inlines all external assets, smushing them into one HTML file.

gem install bunt
bunt my_file.html > packed.html

The packed page now contains anything it linked to (for instance Javascript, CSS, images or fonts). You can email it to a friend and not have to worry about zipping it up or where the images it references are. Think Safari's WebArchives but as one HTML file. It's also pretty handy for iPhone web development.

Things like images and fonts are inserted using the data URI scheme, even if you reference them from your CSS! Keep in mind though that encoding things as data uris makes their size about 30% larger.


Raleway font is Copyright (c) 2010, Matt McInerney (http://pixelspread.com|[email protected]), with Reserved Font Name Raleway. See The League of Moveable Type