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The Rendering Behavior allows a model to be rendered within a view. The key methods are the instance methods perform_render, render and inline_options. From within a view or a helper, you can render a renderable object by calling the perform_render and passing the controller object to it.

When perform_render is called, it will first call the render instance method of the renderable object. This is very similar to a controller action. The purpose of this method is to setup instance varaibles to be used by the renderable's view.

After the render method is called, it checks to see if there is a inline_options instance method on the renderable object. If so, it calls this and it expects this to return a Hash that will be passed to render. This expects there to be an inline option, so this is the way to do inline rendering.

Assuming there is no inline_options method, it will look for a template in the view path at cms/pluralized_class_name/render. So if the Renderable class is Article, the template should be at cms/articles/render. It uses the same format and template engine options as regular views, to the file name should be render.html.erb.

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