Notable for Bridgetown

A Bridgetown plugin to host notes and attachments from Notable, a markdown-based editor.


Run this command to add this plugin to your site's Gemfile:

$ bundle add bridgetown-notable -g bridgetown_plugins


Currently supports hosting a single Notable data directory at src/, such that src/notes holds note entries, and src/attachments holds attachments.

Requires a bit of setup in bridgetown.config.yml:

  - scope:
      path: notes/
      notable: true
      layout: notable

By setting notable: true on pages, this plugin will:

  • format [[wikilinks]] between Notable pages, with <a class="wikilink" to hook in styles if desired
  • update markdown links/images from @attachment to a path Bridgetown can find
  • track backlinks in page.backlinks if that's your thing

You can specify any layout you want, it's provided a page object like any other.


  • Run bundle exec rspec to run the test suite
  • Or run script/cibuild to validate with Rubocop and test with rspec together.


  1. Fork it (
  2. Clone the fork using git clone to your local development machine.
  3. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  4. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  5. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  6. Create a new Pull Request

Releasing (you can delete this section in your own plugin repo)

To release a new version of the plugin, simply bump up the version number in both version.rb and package.json, and then run script/release. This will require you to have a registered account with both the and NPM registries. You can optionally remove the package.json and frontend folder if you don't need to package frontend assets for Webpack.

If you run into any problems or need further guidance, please check out our Bridgetown community resources where friendly folks are standing by to help you build and release your plugin or theme.

NOTE: make sure you add the bridgetown-plugin topic to your plugin's GitHub repo so the plugin or theme will show up on Bridgetown's official Plugin Directory! (There may be a day or so delay before you see it appear.)