Brewser is a ruby library for parsing and generating serialized brewing data

Currently brewser is early in development but will eventually support the following input formats:

Input files are deserialized into a common object model for consumption. Brewser supports these output formats:

  • BeerXML
  • BrewSON


Currently, brewser can import BeerXML v1, ProMash .rec files as well as ProMash Recipe Reports (Text files). Each file format contains different levels of details. As a result there is no uniformity amongst the various format. BeerXML v1 is at this time the most complete serialized format.


Just add brewser to your Gemfile

gem 'brewser'

and run bundle install


Brewser will attempt to identify the input file by content and delegate processing to the correct engine. ProMash .rec files are not easy to identify, as a result this is the last engine attempted and it will try to decode any file you give it. This is likely to result in garbage if the file is not a properly formatted .rec file.

To load a BeerXML v1 file:


This will return an array of BeerXML::Recipe objects.