A Ruby gem for adaptiman/adaptibrew


This is a gem that will provide a command line interface for adaptiman/adaptibrew. It will provide pre-made procedures (see Brewer::Procedures) and an easy interface to control a brewing rig.

This will require an actual brew rig and all the equipment listed in adaptiman/adaptibrew's readme. If you are looking to build an automated brew rig, this is not the place to start. Head over to adaptiman/adaptibrew, or hit up adaptiman.

Quick Start

You should have ruby installed. Install this gem with:

gem install brewer

Start the brewer shell with


You can run the master procedure (the entire standard brewing process) with:

>> procedures.master

You will be prompted to enter a slack webhook_url, which you can get from the incoming-webhooks integration on your slack channel.

You will be asked to load a recipe, or create a new one. These recipes store information like mash time, mash temperature, etc.

Web Interface (in development)

See here


This is a gem, published on Install it the recommended way with:

gem install brewer

This will be the latest stable release. Or you can put the following line in a Gemfile:

gem 'brewer'

or .gemspec file:

spec.add_runtime_dependency 'brewer'

You may also download a .gem file from the releases section on github and install it that way, or further still build a new .gem file from the brewer.gemspec if you want the latest possible release. This is not recommended, as I do not regularly make releases on Github, just rubygems

After installation, run


to open an interactive shell to control your brew rig in realtime. Just like any other gem, you can require 'brewer' from another ruby project.


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