Develop stuff


> git clone [email protected]:brighterplanet/bp.git
> cd bp
> gem build bp.gemspec
> gem install ./

> echo "github username" > ~/.bprc
> echo "github password" >> ~/.bprc


bp help lists all available commands.

bp emitter:create dirigible will create a new emitter gem, called Dirigible, in ./dirigible.

bp emitter:ls will list all emitters. Usable with other unix commands (see xargs) for scripting git/gem tasks.

bp gem:ls lists all BP non-emitter gems.

bp gem:set_owners GEM_NAME will add the default set of owners (Andy, Seamus, Ian, Derek) to the gem on rubygems.org.

bp github:create_repo dirigible will create a dirigible repo for the brighterplanet organization (tyvm).

bp github:configure_hooks dirigible will set up default hooks (campfire, travis-ci) for the repo.

bp heroku:apps lists all heroku-hosted apps.

bp heroku:hooks APP_NAME sets up deploy hooks (campfire, email) for the specified app.

bp hootroot:server runs the hootroot server (must in hootroot project directory) with all needed environment variables set for Hopstop, etc.

bp script:run FILE runs a ruby script that has access to information (list of apps, etc.) contained in the BP gem.