Boss is a rails engine that sits on top of Citygate and adds CMS functionalities (posts, resources, banners and pages)

Copyright (C) 2012 Group Buddies

This file is part of Boss. Boss is under the MS-RSL. Check the COPYING file for more information on this license, or check it online at


Add the gem to your Gemfile and link to your local repository

gem "boss", :path => "relative/path/to/repo"

Reminder: In order to use boss you must first install and configure Citygate

Database Configuration

In order to get the database ready to run boss you will need to fetch the migrations

rake boss:install:migrations

and run them

rake db:migrate

then drop this line at your db/seeds.rb file in order to be able to populate the db with the needed records


and finally run the seeds command to actually populate the db

rake db:seed

Routes Configuration

To get all the citygate routes working you just need to mount them by adding the following line to your config/routes.rb file

mount Boss::Engine => "/boss"

Environment Configuration

Boss is gives you a lot of control in what and how you want to display your data, to change those options check the YAML files in the config directory.

Currently these are the files you can edit:



The number of users to be shown in the index page after load. The rest of them will be loaded in a need basis as you scroll down


It defines the multiple sizes resources may take.

CAUTION This file should be configured before the app goes into production, because to change it you will have to delete all your resources data.


Boss requires the use of jQuery UI, but it leaves it up to you to choose the custom flavor you want and to require it.

Note: Do not forget to check the routes made available to you by Boss with rake routes