Bogus aims to make your unit tests more reliable by ensuring that you don’t stub or mock methods that don’t actually exist in the mocked objects.

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“by class PostRepository def store(title) # save a new post in the database end end

class PostAdder < def add(title) post = # do some stuff with the post end end

require ‘bogus/rspec’

describe PostAdder do fake(:post_repository)

it “stores the post” do post_adder =

post_adder.add("Bogus is safe!")

expect(post_repository).to"Bogus is safe!")

end end


  • Safe Stubbing - Bogus does not allow you to stub methods that don’t exist or don’t match the stubbed signature.
  • Fakes - test doubles that have the same interface as the doubled class.
  • Support for ActiveRecord models - Bogus comes with support for active record fields out of the box.
  • Global fake configuration - Decouple your fakes from class names and define default return values in one place.
  • Contract tests - a unique feature of Bogus, which reduces the need for integrated tests to a minimum by ensuring that the things you stub match how the object really behaves.


You can find more detailed (and executable) documentation on Relish.


MIT. See the LICENSE file.