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Blog-generator is a static site generator that generates only JSON files that can be consumed from a framework such as React.js. Think Nanoc but for fake APIs.


gem install blog-generator gem install redcarpet # If you are going to use markdown. mkdir myblog.com cd myblog.com blog-generator.rb draft hello-world # Optionally hello-world.md, otherwise defaults to .html. blog-generator.rb publish hello-world blog-generator.rb generate api.myblog.com


To include drafts in your output JSON:

blog-generator.rb draft my-draft
blog-generator.rb generate api.myblog.com --include-drafts

Updating posts

If you updated either excerpt or body of a post, the digest will no longer match and you will get a warning upon running generate. You can either run blog-generator.rb update my-post to add updated_at timestamp and update the digest or blog-generator.rb ignore_update my-post to dismiss the update and only regenerate the digest.

Post structure

title: 'Hello world!'
tags: ['Hello world', 'Test']

<p id="excerpt">

<h1>Hello world!</h1>
  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Soluta quibusdam necessitatibus tempore ullam incidunt amet omnis, veritatis dicta quisquam accusamus at provident vel facere corporis sed fugiat cumque. Consequuntur, necessitatibus!

<!-- This assumes assets/hello-world/hello-kitty.png -->
<img src="/assets/hello-world/hello-kitty.png" />
<caption>Hello kitty!</caption>


  • Metadata title and optionally tags.
  • Metadata draft: true will exclude the post.
  • Any other metadata can be added and will be accessible in the resulting JSON.
  • Body has #excerpt.
  • Format posts/:published_at-:slug.:format.

Routes generated

  • slug and published_at added to metadata.
  • /metadata.json
  • /posts.json
  • /posts/:slug.json
  • /tags.json
  • /tags/:slug.json