BlankSlate provides an abstract base class with no predefined methods (except for _\send_ and _\id_). BlankSlate is useful as a base class when writing classes that depend upon method_missing (e.g. dynamic proxies).

Copyright 2004, 2006 by Jim Weirich ([email protected]). All rights reserved.

Extracted from Builder because, for no conceivable reason, blankslate isn't in its own gem. Gemified by David Masover, moved to gemcutter by Jack Danger Canty ([email protected] if you'd like to own this gem).

Explanation on extraction from David Masover:

So, Builder seems to have the most complete implementation of BlankSlate, short of Ruby 1.9's BasicObject. The problem is, this is part of Builder, and still inside the Builder gem.

It's especially frustrating, because the Builder source (lib/builder/blankslate.rb) seems to acknowledge that there should be a separate gem. But the only reference I can find refers to's gem repository, which isn't working.

So I built my own. I'll try to keep it up to date with Builder. The first three parts of the version number are the Builder version; the last part is my revision.