Rake task for creating a sitemap from a Blacklight Solr index.


  • This version only works with Rails 3.2/Blacklight 4. Some changes to how Blacklight is configured and how it communicates with Solr mean that it will currently only work with Blacklight 4 using the standard CatalogController.

  • In Gemfile

    gem 'blacklight-sitemap', '~> 2.0.0'
  • Install the gem:

    bundle install
  • Run the generator:

    rails g blacklight:sitemap
  • Open your Rakefile and edit the BlacklightSitemapTask to your liking using the

provided documentation.

  • Run the rake task:

    rake blacklight:sitemap
  • Remove created sitemap files:

    rake blacklight:sitemap:clobber


  • Either remove your current blacklight-sitemap from your Rakefile or comment it out.

  • Install the latest gem. You may need to update the version in your cofig/environment.rb

  • Run the generator again.


  • Determine the lastmodified date for a particular sub-sitemap. For large indexes, allowing search engines to only download the sitemaps which have changed will be important. Can we always sort by timestamp?

  • How to more fully test the gem independent from a Rails application with Blacklight installed?

  • Instead of having to hardcode the base url find an easy way to include Blacklight route url helpers in the rake task.

  • Incremental sitemaps?

  • Check file size to insure a sitemap doesn't go above the 10MB limit.

  • Insure the sitemap index file does not exceed 50,000 sitemaps and 10MB.


Jason Ronallo

Copyright © 2010 North Carolina State University. See LICENSE.txt for further details.