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Note: this software is under active development!


    rake build
    rake install

In order to use the gem, you also need sambamba tool installed (version >= 0.2.6).

If you use Debian, you can download a package for your architecture from github downloads.

Otherwise, you need to do the following:

  • install DMD compiler
  • install Ragel finite state machine compiler

  • On Mac OS X you can install homebrew package manager, then install dmd and ragel easily with

    brew install dmd
    brew install ragel
  • On Arch Linux you can use pacman to install dmd and ragel
    pacman -S dmd libphobos ragel
  • clone sambamba repository and compile the tool
    git clone
    cd sambamba/CLItools/
  • place the executable file build/sambamba to somewhere in your $PATH, for example:
    cp build/sambamba /usr/local/bin


    require 'bio-sambamba'

The API doc is online. For more code examples see the test files in the source tree.

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The BioRuby community is on IRC server:, channel: #bioruby.


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This Biogem is published at #bio-sambamba


Copyright (c) 2012 Artem Tarasov. See LICENSE.txt for further details.