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Reads metadata from Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) metadata files. Metadata files are generated by searching for one or more taxons, and then exporting various/all genome-specific characters e.g. kingdom, genus, temperature range, taxon identifier, etc.


gem install bio-img_metadata


require 'bio-img_metadata'

d = DATA_DIR, 'head.metadata.csv') #=> an Array of Bio::IMG::Metadata objects

d.length.should == 9 #=> The array has 9 members, one for each line in the metadata file
d[0].kind_of?(Bio::IMG::Lineage).should == true #=> Each lineage's object

d[0].domain.should == 'Archaea' #=> some attributes are now methods (mostly the taxonomy-related ones)
d[1].taxon_id.should == 2515075008

d[0].attributes['Status'].should == 'Finished' #=> the rest are in the attributes array

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