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A simple event driven logging for ActiveRecord models. BestBoy is able to log model-based "create", "update" and "delete" events as well as custom events triggered in controller actions. It uses its own polymorphic database table to log each event.


Add it to your gemfile

gem 'best_boy'

Install it with Bundler

bundle install

Install the migrations

rake best_boy:install:migrations

Mount the best boy backend in your routes.rb

mount BestBoy::Engine => "/best_boy"

Run the generator to create your best_boy config file:

rails g best_boy:install


In model context:

include BestBoy::Eventable

This will log "create" and "delete" events for each instance.

If you do not want to selflog those events, maybe because you will sort it semantically with a create source, just deactivate the callback logging by setting the parameter :disable_callbacks to true.

include BestBoy::Eventable
has_a_best_boy disable_callbacks: true

In controller context:

# in application_controller.rb or the relevant controller
include BestBoy::Controller

# in a resource specific controller
best_boy_event object, event, event_source = nil

This will log custom events for an object and an event phrase. You can specify this event with an event_source parameter to log maybe seperate create actions.

If no object or event is given an exception will be raised.

Test mode

BestBoy features a sandbox mode for your testing environment from version 2.1 onward. It will prevent the creation of BestBoy records. Activate it in your spec_helper.rb or test_helper.rb globally:

BestBoy.test_mode = true

If you want to test your BestBoy integration, you can run your code like this:

BestBoy.in_real_mode do
  # your expectations / asserts

Conversely, you can also sandbox a specific code block:

BestBoy.in_test_mode do
  # database will be spared

Getting BestBoyEvents

BestBoy comes with an admin interface, largely configurable to fit right into your existing application.

Following configurations can be done:

config.base_controller      "String"                    # default: "ApplicationController"      # declare with Controller should be inherited
config.before_filter        "comma separated symbols"   # default: nil                          # declare before_filter to use inherited before_filters in admin section
config.skip_before_filter   "comma separated symbols"   # default: nil                          # declare skip_before_filter to skip inherited before_filters in admin section
config.skip_after_filter    "comma separated symbols"   # default: nil                          # declare skip_after_filter to skip inherited after_filters in admin section
config.custom_redirect      "relative path as String"   # default: nil                          # set a path to return back to your existing backend

Some thoughts about Performance

When you're running BestBoy for a long time, accessing and processing data in the backend can take awfully long.

By changing to version 1.4.0, we modified BestBoy's data storage organization to reduce database queries. This leads to far more acceptable loading times. To do so, BestBoy creates daily and monthly reports, which are aggregations of the persisted events. When computing statistical data, BestBoy then uses the aggregated tables.

If you're upgrading BestBoy from an older version, there is a rake task for 'recovering' these report structure for an existing set of events. Simply run

rake best_boy:recover_report_history

If you want to recover this report structure not for the whole lifetime, you can pass a date as argument to the rake task call:

rake best_boy:recover_report_history['2010-02-01']

The latter would destroy and recover the all reports created after beginning of Feb 1st, 2010 up to now.

Budget some time for this task, since it can take long if your BestBoyEvent table has grown very big.


HEAD (not released yet)


  • Add support for Rails 5.2 and all versions below Rails 6.0


  • Fix display awkward display of event sources (they occurred multiple times) and its impact on summed values in admin area


  • Drop support for Rails below v5.0
  • Add support for Rails 5.1


  • Remove google_visualizr charts


  • Fix date-parsing issue
  • Add frozen_string_literal magic comments


  • Drop support for Rails 4.1
  • Add support for Rails 5.0


  • Major engine cleanup. Aims Rails >= 4.1 from now on.
  • Includes backward incompatible changes. See above hint for more information.
  • Uses rails engine naming conventions with an isolated BestBoy namespace
  • serving the necessary migrations from the engines migration folder
  • serving all assets via the asset pipeline (used to be an opt-in before)
  • removes unnecessary generator boilerplate and config options
  • uses Bootstrap 3
  • allows per class extending instead of polluting the whole app
  • answers to xml requests for easy EXCEL integration


  • Rename report method to a more best_boy specific `trigger_best_boy_event_report


  • Fix dependency bug with kaminari


  • flexibilized report creation method to create reports for a specific date
  • no compatibility with Ruby 1.9.3


  • Updated dependencies for rspec and kaminari
  • Make recover_report_history rake task a noop for no previously tracked BestBoyEvents
  • Bugfix for report recovery rake task
  • use appraisal for testing against different gemsets and Ruby versions


  • Compatible with Rails 4.1
  • Loosened kaminari dependency requirements


  • Code cleanup - now compatible with RSpec 3 syntax
  • Support a "dry-run" test mode
  • Reduce public methods added by BestBoy::Eventable (#4)
  • Remove mass-assignments that could cause problems with the protected_attributes gem #8
  • Do not expose mixed-in controller method (#9))
  • Avoid potential name clashes for callbacks switch (#10)

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See LICENSE.txt for usage and licensing details.