berkshelf-store Gem Version

A cookbook store compatible with berkshelf API.

Currently it is a simple webservice :

  • POST /v1/cookbooks
    • cookbook param contains tgz
  • GET /v1/universe
    • this is berkshelf API
  • GET /v1/cookbooks/$Name/$Version/$Name-$Version.tgz
    • this is how berkshelf gets the cookbook

Storage is a simple directory tree (easy to backup)


  • It works, basicly
  • It's still a work in progress
  • API is not stable
    • 0.3.0 introduce an upload api modification : no more name and version in path

It is my first ruby project, any advise is welcome :)


  • Upload API
  • UI
  • Syslog logging

Why would I need this ?

If you have private cookbooks or a validation process for public cookboks, you need an internal storage.

If you use chef-solo, knife-solo and/or more than one chef-server, you'll need a central catalog of your cookbooks.

Yes there is berkshelf-api, but it needs a chef server :

  • A litle overkill if you do no plan to really use it.
  • not a uniform service
    • upload via chef
    • read via berkshelf


gem install berkshelf-store


Launch the deamon

Usage: berkshelf-store [options]
    -D, --datadir DIRECTORY          Data directory (default: ./datadir)
    -T, --tmpdir DIRECTORY           Tmp directory (default: ./tmpdir)
    -b, --bind IP                    bind IP (default:
    -p, --port PORT                  port to listen on (default: 80)
    -l, --logger TYPE                file, syslog, stderr (default: syslog)
    -L, --logger-conf TYPE           file: filename, syslog: program.facility, stderr n/a (default: berkshelf-store.daemon)


berkshelf-store -D /var/lib/berkshelf-store -T /var/tmp/berkshelf-store --bind -l stderr

upload some cookbooks

bash style :

curl -F [email protected]/path/to/the/cookbook.tgz http://localhost/v1/cookbooks

#or if you have a cookbook_dir :

tar cvzf - cookbook_dir | curl -F [email protected] http://localhost/v1/cookbooks

or by UI:


use it with berkshelf

in the berkfile:

source "http://localhost/v1"

cookbook "cookbookname"

Explode available cookbooks dy ui



by priority

  • more Comments and tests
  • Auth
  • ACL (limit uploads by cookbook/users/groups)
  • cli (knife or berks plugin) for uploading
  • multi-tenancy ?
  • clusterized/cloudified backend (mongo, S3, whatelse ?)