Beaker is an acceptance testing harness for Puppet PE and other Puppet Projects. It can also be used as a virtual machine provisioner - setting up machines, running any configuration on those machines and then exiting.

Beaker runs tests written in Ruby with an additional DSL API. This gives you access to all standard Ruby along with acceptance testing specific commands.


See Beaker Installation.


Documentation for Beaker can be found in this repository in the docs/ folder.

The Getting Started is a great place to start for new Beaker users.

Beaker Libraries

Beaker functionality has been extended through the use of libraries available as gems. See the complete list for available gems. See the beaker-template documentation for documentation on creating beaker-libraries.

Beaker API

RubyDoc Beaker Documentation Server


See LICENSE file.

Support & Issues

Please log tickets and issues at our Beaker Issue Tracker. In addition there is an active #puppet-dev channel on Freenode.

For additional information on filing tickets, please check out our CONTRIBUTOR doc, and for ticket lifecycle information, checkout our ticket process doc.


For information on project maintainers, please check out our MAINTAINERS doc.