This gem is simply an abstraction for the various ways that we install puppet from the spec/spec_helper_acceptance.rb files across the modules.


The way to use this is to declare either run_puppet_install_helper() or run_puppet_install_helper_on(hosts) and set environment variables BEAKER_PUPPET_AGENT_VERSION and/or BEAKER_PUPPET_COLLECTION in the following combinations to have puppet installed on the desired hosts. The nodeset should be configured with type: pe or type: aio to control the type of install.

  • BEAKER_PUPPET_COLLECTION=<puppet collection> will install the specified BEAKER_PUPPET_AGENT_VERSION from the specified collection. Valid values are pc1, puppet5, puppet6, puppet6-nightly etc. This may change with time.
  • BEAKER_PUPPET_AGENT_VERSION=<version> to specify
  • BEAKER_IS_PE=<yes or no> may be used to force a nodeset to be PE or not, regardless of the nodeset type or absence thereof.
  • BEAKER_PE_VER=<pe version> may be used to specify the PE version for masters. Eg: BEAKER_PE_VER=2017.3.5
  • BEAKER_PUPPET_AGENT_SHA=<sha> may be used in order to use a development puppet-agent package.
  • PUPPET_INSTALL_TYPE=foss may be used to install foss puppet 3.x, but is deprecated and should not be used.

The best way is explicitly set BEAKER_PUPPET_COLLECTION and BEAKER_PUPPET_AGENT_VERSION to what you want. It'll probably do what you expect.


Install Certificate Authority Certs on Windows and OSX for Geotrust, User Trust Network, and Equifax On Windows it currently is limited to hosts that use cygwin


Install certs on a given host(s)


No support is supplied or implied. Use at your own risk.


  • Add support for ci-ready builds