beacker GKE

Beaker library to use the Google Kubernetes Engine hypervisor

How to use this wizardry

This gem that allows you to use hosts with GKE hypervisor with beaker.

Beaker will automatically load the appropriate hypervisors for any given hosts file, so as long as your project dependencies are satisfied there's nothing else to do. No need to require this library in your tests.

With Beaker 4.x

As of Beaker 4.0, all hypervisor and DSL extension libraries have been removed and are no longer dependencies. In order to use a specific hypervisor or DSL extension library in your project, you will need to include them alongside Beaker in your Gemfile or project.gemspec. E.g.

# Gemfile
gem 'beaker', '~>4.0'
gem 'beaker-gke'
# project.gemspec
s.add_runtime_dependency 'beaker', '~>4.0'
s.add_runtime_dependency 'beaker-gke'

Spec tests

Spec test live under the spec folder. There are the default rake task and therefore can run with a simple command:

bundle exec rake test:spec


Please refer to puppetlabs/beaker's contributing guide.