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This project is still at an experimental / proof-of-concept stage. Please set your expectations appropriately, but do give us as much feedback as you can.

BBC Accessibility Standards

This tool runs a set of tests against a set of URLs to verify whether each one meets the BBC accessibility standards.

How to install

bbc-a11y is packaged as a Ruby gem. You'll most likely want to create a stand-alone repo to run your accessibilty tests, but you can also add it as part of an existing repo.


Install Ruby and then:

gem install bundler

Adding a11y to your project's Gemfile

Create or amend your your project's Gemfile to include this line:

gem 'bbc-a11y`

Now install the gem:

bundle install


You'll need to configure a11y with a set of URLs to run the checks against. Create a file a11y.rb in the root of your project that looks something like this:

page ""
page ""

Skipping scenarios

Nobody's perfect. Use skip_standard in the configuration to opt-out of certain checks.

page "" do
  skip_standard /W3C/

page ""

A11y will skip any scenarios from the specifications whose name contains that string.

Running it

Once you're configured, you can run the tests using the a11y command, from the directory where your a11y.rb configuration file is stored:

bundle exec a11y

This will pick up your a11y.rb configuration file and run the a11y checks on each page specified in your configuration. Output is printed to the console.