Ruby gem to extract account balance and transactions from banks. You can use it either as command line tool or as a library.

Feel free to contribute and add your bank if it isn't supported.

Supported banks

BBVA ING Direct Bankinter
Account Balance

Interested in any other bank? Open a new Issue and we'll try to help.

Background and motivation

Most banks don't offer public APIs and the only way to access your data (balance and transactions) is through their websites... and most bank websites are a f*cking nightmare.

We are developers and we don't want to waste time doing things we are able to automate. Having to perform 20 clicks in an awful website just to check how much money we have is not something we like.

There are two approaches to solve this problem:

  • Web scraping on the bank's site.
  • Reverse engineering the bank's mobile app or the bank's single page web app (if they have one) to use the same API.

BankScrap uses both methods depending on the bank.


Some banks needs a JavaScript runtime in order to work. So if you find an error like "Could not find JavaScript runtime" try to install one. It has been tested with nodejs.


From Git

You can check out the latest source from git:

git clone git://

From RubyGems

Installation from RubyGems:

gem install bank_scrap

Or, if you're using Bundler, just add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'bank_scrap'


From terminal

Bank account balance

BBVA | Bankinter
$ bank_scrap balance your_bank --user YOUR_BANK_USER --password YOUR_BANK_PASSWORD
ING Direct

ING needs one more argument: your birthday.

$ bank_scrap balance ing --user YOUR_DNI --password YOUR_PASSWORD --extra=birthday:01/01/1980

Replace 01/01/1980 with your actual birthday.

Transactions for last 30 days

$ bank_scrap transactions bbva --user YOUR_BBVA_USER --password YOUR_BBVA_PASSWORD
ING Direct
$ bank_scrap transactions ing --user YOUR_DNI --password YOUR_PASSWORD --extra=birthday:01/01/1980

Transactions with date range

$ bank_scrap transactions your_bank --user YOUR_BANK_USER --password YOUR_BANK_PASSWORD --extra=from:01-01-2015 to:01-02-2015

By default it will use your first bank account, if you want to fetch transactions for a different account you can use this syntax:

$ bank_scrap transactions your_bank your_iban --user YOUR_DNI --password YOUR_PASSWORD

If you don't want to pass your user and password everytime you can define them in your .bash_profile by adding:


From Ruby code

You can also use this gem from your own app as library. To do so first you must initialize a BankScrap::Bank object

require 'bank_scrap'
ing =, YOUR_ING_PASSWORD, extra_args: {"birthday" => "dd/mm/yyyy"})

The initialize method will automatically login and fetch your bank accounts

You can now explore your bank accounts accounts:


And get its balance:


Get last month transactions for a particular account:

 = bank.accounts.first

Get transactions for last year (from now):

 = bank.accounts.first
.transactions = .fetch_transactions(start_date: - 1.year, end_date:


  1. Fork it ( )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


Thanks to Javier Cuevas (@javiercr) for his Bbva gem.