Backupper is a tool to backup all your databases spread all over the world!


$ gem install backupper


$ backupper path/to/config.yml [options]

Configuration file

A common YAML config file for backupper looks like this:

  from: [email protected] # Gmail account used to send report email
  to: [email protected]      # Send report email to this address
  password: Pa$$w0rD      # Gmail account password

  disabled: false                              # true to disable this backup
  dump: '/home/backup/db1'                     # path where to save the dump of the database
  extra_copy: '/mnt/backup-disk/backups/db1'   # path where to save a extra copy of the dump
  username: user                               # server ssh username
  host: ''                              # server ssh ip
  port: 22                                     # server ssh port
  password: Pa$$w0rD                           # server ssh password
  adapter: mysql                               # database to backup (supported are mysql or postgresql)
  database: db_name                            # database name
  db_username: db_user                         # database username
  db_password: db_Pa$$w0rD                     # database password
  dump_options: '--single-transaction --quick' # dump command extra options

  disabled: false
  dump: '/home/backup/db2'
  extra_copy: '/mnt/backup-disk/backups/db2'
  username: user
  host: ''
  port: 22
  password: Pa$$w0rD
  adapter: postgresql
  database: db_name
  db_username: db_user
  db_password: db_Pa$$w0rD

After done all backups a report email is sent to you using gmail smtp service (remember to permit less secure app here).

⚠️ WARNING: the backupper configuration file contains many important passwords, so be careful to lock it and protect it with care!

To backup only specific databases you can pass the option -o db1,db3. In this way only databases under the key db1 and db3 will be backupped, ignoring the others configuration keys.



Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

About Uqido


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