Backup On The Go

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Back up (or mirror) your GitHub repositories to BitBucket.


gem install backup_on_the_go

Run Locally


Back up your personal repositories (will back up your repositories to BitBucket with a prefix of backup-on-the-go-):

backup-on-the-go user:your_user_name

Back up your personal repositories to a different account on BitBucket:

backup-on-the-go github_user:user_name_on_github bitbucket_user:user_name_on_github

Back up your organization repositories:

backup-on-the-go user:your_user_name github_repos_owner:organization_name bitbucket_repos_owner:team_name

For more options, see the parameters of BackupOnTheGo.backup.

Run in the Cloud

You can deploy to some cloud services to run the backup timely.

Deploy to Heroku

If you are new to Heroku, first go to Heroku website to create an account, install Heroku Toolbelt, and run heroku login to login.

Run the following command to obtain the pre-prepared files for deploying:

git clone -b heroku git://
cd backup-on-the-go
heroku create

Then edit backup.rb to configure your backup. After configuring, you may wanna run foreman start to test locally. Then:

git commit -a -m "My initial backup commit."
git push heroku heroku:master

NOTE: Don't push to any public repositories, since your password is there!

At last, you need to scale your dyno formation in order to run the backup dyno instead of the web dyno:

heroku scale web=0 worker=1


Real World Examples

For a real world example, you can check my backup BitBucket Account. For another example of backing up organizations, see EditorConfig on GitHub and BitBucket. alpha