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This gem helps you to connect to any Amazon Web Service Opsworks instances you have permissions for via ssh. You don't have to setup your ssh configuration for dynamic Hostnames or dynamic IPs. And this over the borders of profiles (AWS accounts).

This gem reads the AWS Opsworks Stackinformations and looks for the right server to connect. All You have to know is the right Server Hostname (when the host name follows the pattern PROFILENAME-WHATEVER this is all you need) and the profile name.


  1. gem install awsssh


  • Be shure you have seted up the Enviroment variable AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE with the path to your credential File. (echo $AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE) If not set the Enviroment variable with export AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE=~/.aws/credentials.
  • Inside the credential file you have to place all your credentials in the following format (its aws standard): [PROFILE-1] aws_access_key_id=VALUE aws_secret_access_key=VALUE [PROFILE-n] aws_access_key_id=VALUE aws_secret_access_key=VALUE

Use awsssh

Connect to Server

If the profile name is the first part of the host name (like PROFILENAME-WHATEVER) connect with:
awsssh connect HOSTNAME

awsssh connect profile-live-1

If the profile name is not the first part of the hostname (like app-1) connect with:
awsssh connect HOSTNAME --profile PROFILE

awsssh connect app-1 --profile PROFILENAME

List all profiles

awsssh list_profiles

List all server for a given profile

awsssh list_server PROFILENAME


awsssh help


awsssh version


Sebastian Thiele
(Twitter: @sebat)

issues: github


2016-02-24 - v 3.1.1

  • [enh] Version Check

2016-02-24 - v 3.1.0

  • [enh] Show only online Server
  • [enh] colors in output
  • [enh] connect to server from list_server
  • [fix] error message for list_servers with unkown profile

2016-02-18 - v 3.0.0

  • readme in english
  • Tests

2016-02-04 - v 3.0.0.rc1

  • redesign
  • new credential format

2015-11-25 - v 2.2.2

  • [fix] List all Servers

2015-03-02 - v 2.2.1

  • [add] Version information

2015-03-02 - v 2.2.0

  • [enh] Alias for list servers and accounts changed
  • [fix] Build own punlic DNS if no public dns is set

2014-08-01 - v 2.1.2

  • [enh] Alias for --list-servers and --list-accounts

2014-03- - v 2.1.2

  • [fix] alias with -

2014-03-05 - v 2.1.1

  • [enh] using thor as CLI Class
  • New connection call call awsssh -s SERVER
  • [enh] use a account for connections awsssh -s SERVER -a ACCOUNT

2014-03-04 - v 2.1.0

  • [enh] use AWS Ruby SDK
  • [enh] use ENV variables to access configurations

2014-02-27 - v 2.0.1 the Ronald Fix

  • [code] Code optimization
  • [enh] return a error message if config not found

2014-02-14 - v 2.0.0

  • [enh] first gem version


  • Some experiences