Extends aws-sdk–roughly following a decorator pattern–to make it easier to use.

Major versions of this gem are compatible with the corresponding major version of aws-sdk. Note you may use any version of aws-sdk you wish so long as the major version is compatible (you may use aws-sdk version 2.1.23 with aws-sdk-enhanced version 2.0.1).

Currently, this library simply provides a convenience class for retrieving auto scaling groups by name and allows convenient access of specific tags on EC2 instance and auto scaling groups.


Add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'aws-sdk-enhanced', '~> 2.0', require: 'aws-sdk/enhanced'

Alternatively, with aws-sdk-enhanced installed:

require 'aws-sdk/enhanced'

This gem depends on and thus requires ‘aws-sdk’, so an explicit “require ‘aws-sdk’” is not necessary.


require 'aws-sdk/enhanced'

instance ='i-abc1234')
value = instance.tag_hash['MyTag']
puts instance.running? # will not throw exception if instance does not exist (returns true or false)

# note no Aws::AutoScaling::Group class exists in aws-sdk
group ='my_auto_scaling_group')
value = group.tag_hash['MyTag']