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There are 3 types of things to auto-complete:

1. command: the command itself
2. parameters: command parameters.
3. options: command options

Here’s an example:

mycli hello name --from me

* command: hello
* parameters: name
* option: --from

When command parameters are done processing, the remaining completion words will be options. We can tell that the command params are completed based on the method arity.

## Arity

For example, say you had a method for a CLI command with the following form:

ufo scale service count --cluster development

It’s equivalent ruby method:

scale(service, count) = has an arity of 2

So typing:

ufo scale service count [TAB] # there are 3 parameters including the "scale" command according to Thor's CLI processing.

So the completion should only show options, something like this:

--noop --verbose --cluster

## Splat Arguments

When the ruby method has a splat argument, it’s arity is negative. Here are some example methods and their arities.

ship(service) = 1
scale(service, count) = 2
ships(*services) = -1
foo(example, *rest) = -2

Fortunately, negative and positive arity values are processed the same way. So we take simply take the absolute value of the arity and process it the same.

Here are some test cases, hit TAB after typing the command:

aws-logs completion
aws-logs completion hello
aws-logs completion hello name
aws-logs completion hello name --
aws-logs completion hello name --noop

aws-logs completion
aws-logs completion sub:goodbye
aws-logs completion sub:goodbye name

## Subcommands and Thor::Group Registered Commands

Sometimes the commands are not simple thor commands but are subcommands or Thor::Group commands. A good specific example is the ufo tool.

* regular command: ufo ship
* subcommand: ufo docker
* Thor::Group command: ufo init

Auto-completion accounts for each of these type of commands.

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