A simple script to compile and perform some validation for CloudFormation scripts. The idea is to create a folder structure to better manage pieces of a CloudFormation deployment. Additionally, writing in JSON is hard, so the compiler takes YAML files as well.


gem install bundler
bundle install



Directory Structure

The pieces of the CloudFormation script is split into four groups:

  • Parameters
  • Mappings
  • Resources
  • Outputs

For each group, you can define a single file at the root directory with that name (i.e. outputs.json or outputs.yml) or a directory with that name containing any structure of JSON or YAML files (i.e. resources/nat.yml or resources/app/hello.json). The script is responsible for combining everything into one JSON file.

Reference Validation

After all the pieces are stiched together, the system runs through the file finding references to names and then attempt to validate that those names exist in the file.