Avatars For Rails

Avatars For Rails is a integral solution to provide a model with avatar support.

It includes a database migration and views with jquery.fileupload and jquery.jcrop

It relies on paperclip and imagemagick


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'avatars_for_rails'

and run:

bundle update

Then, if you have a class named actor and you want it to have avatars, run:

rails generate avatars_for_rails:install user

This will generate the following:

  • A initializer file with configuration for avatars_for_rails.

  • A migration providing the database schema for using avatars_for_rails with the actor class.

Do not forget to migrate your database

rake db:migrate

In your model, you must include:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

For rendering the new avatar form:

<%= render partial: 'avatars/form',
           object: @user,
           as: :avatarable %>

You must include the javascript and css files

//= require avatars_for_rails

If you want to get an actor's avatar you can do:


For rendering an image_tag for an user's avatar:

<%= image_tag(user.logo.url(:style) ) %>