Ruby tool to automatically download subtitles (srt) inside your TV Shows folder. Currently only english and french subtitles are supported.


sudo gem install pirate-autosub --source


In your terminal:

autosub -p /path/of/your/TV Shows/folder -lang fr,en

more details with:

autosub -h

Folder Name Convention

AutoNZB use (and needs) specific folders/episodes name for your TV Shows:

+ TV Shows
  + Dexter (TV Show's name needs to be 'clean')
    + Season 01
      - Dexter S01E01.mkv (.mkv for 720p HD episode)
      - Dexter 1x02.avi (.avi for SD episode)
      - S01E03.mkv (TV Show's name in episode file's name not needed)
      - ( used to define subtitle's language)
+ Fringe
  - (season folder not needed)
  - Fringe S01E01.mkv
  - 1x01.avi

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