Omniture integration( could be painful in rails application. This project uses simple concept of using iframe to make asynchronus calls (not ajax!) to omniture to send usage tracking information.


For Rails 3.2+ and now supports Rails 4 Applications.


Install the gem by

gem install asyncomni


Include the gem in your Gemfile and run bundle install.

gem 'asyncomni'

Run the generator

rails g asyncomni:install

This will create some file for you.

create  config/omniture.yml
route   resources :omniture, :only => [:index]
create  app/views/omniture/_omniture.html.erb
append  app/views/layouts/application.html.erb

Also require asyncomni.js is your application.js

= require 'asyncomni'

By default Omniture is enabled in all Environments, if you wish to turn it off in development or other staging environments you can disable it in Omniture.yml

account: 'devdemoapp'
enabled: false
<<: *defaults

That's it! :pray:

Note This gem is currenly in early beta version but provides support of tracking user id and page names for user visits.

This project uses MIT-LICENSE.