How to use

Validate that the id field is a saved record. It will ignore blank fields, so use presence if you need it.

validates :from_age_record_id, :presence => true, :association => {:class_name => 'AgeRecord'}
validates :user_id, :presence => true, :association => true

You can also set the message using the :message option:

validates :user_id, :association => {:message => 'was unretrievable'}

For polymorphic classes, pass your class_name option as a proc:

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates :owner_id, :presence => true, :association => {:class_name => {|r| r.owner_type}}
	<li>== Schema Information</li>
	<li>Table name: items</li>
	<li>owner_id   :integer</li>
	<li>owner_type :string

How to install

Add the following line to your bundle and install.

gem 'association_validator'


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