Ruby ASPSMS – short message service gateway library and client

Copyright (C) 2005-2015, Daniel Roethlisberger <[email protected]> All rights reserved.

Ruby ASPSMS is both a ruby library and a command line client for painfree, UNIX-style interaction with the short message gateways.

Written to conform with the ASPSMS XML Interface Specs 1.91, 2007-12-05.

  • Support for text SMS, show credits, and originator unlocking/testing.

  • Conforms to ASPSMS failure safety recommendations.

  • Delivery status notification is supported by the low-level library but not exposed in the easy API nor the command line client.

Configuration is read from ~/.aspsms or [/usr/local]/etc/aspsms by default:

# ASPSMS configuration
# mandatory options:
password y0UrPasSw0rD
# optional default originator:
originator +41XXXXXXXXX
# optional gateway override:
gateway othergateway:port

Make sure to set sensible permissions (0600 is a good start).