Artoo Adaptor For Crazyflie

This repository contains the Artoo ( adaptor for the Crazyflie micro-quadcopter (

Artoo is a open source micro-framework for robotics using Ruby.

For more information abut Artoo, check out our repo at

The artoo-crazyflie adaptor is based on the crubyflie gem (

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gem install artoo-crazyflie


require 'artoo'

connection :crazyflie, :adaptor => :crazyflie
device :drone, :driver => :crazyflie, :connection => :crazyflie, :interval => 0.1

work do
  after(1.seconds) {drone.stop}

Connecting to Crazyflie

The Crazyflie uses a 2.4 GHz radio to communicate. There is a USB dongle called the Crazyradio that is required to control the Crazyflie quadcopter.

If you are have a USB 3.0 port, you might run into this issue

Crazyflie Hover

To use Crazyflie with the hover command, requires installing the fork of the Crazyflie firmware. The easiest way to currently do this, is to install the Crazyflie PC Client, download the 'hover' branch BIN file from here and then use the Crazyflie PC tools to update the Crazyflie firmware.

Once you have updated the Crazyflie firmware, you will NEED to use the following syntax in your Artoo code to use it:

connection :crazyflie, :adaptor => :crazyflie, :supports_hover => true

If you do not add :supports_hover => true to your connection code to the Crazyflie, it will go crazy out of control as you as you try to connect to it. You have been warned...


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