Archive 2s

This gem provides the ability to archive a meaningful bit of information. This is good for use with friendly_id or stats. It will save to a single table that is created via a migration copied from the rake task


archive_2s accepts two optional parameters, :method_name and :include_by_default

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  archive_2s :method_name => :name, :include_by_default => true

  def name
    [self.first_name, self.middle_initial, self.last_name].join(' ')

:method_name is the methods return value you wish to save and :include_by_default will include archived results when you fetch by id only (as all that is saved is the id and a value of a method)

All objects returned are readonly.


See the last todo, this needs to me a generator/rake task but I am tired and want to goto sleep

create_table :archived_to_s do |t|
  t.datetime  :archived_at
  t.string    :model_type
  t.integer   :model_id
  t.string    :archived_value
add_index :archived_to_s, [:model_type,:model_id,:archived_at], :name => 'model_and_archive_date_idx', :unique => true


  • make some proxy magic so if one calls a relationship if can search the archive too

  • use wants rather then returning based on length

  • drop the id column and use the index for the model

  • make the doco usefull

  • make a generator for rails 2 and 3


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