arbs is a duck that acts like ActiveRecord::Base, but doesn't have any of the AR::B functionality.

by Jay Fields

Download and Installation

You can download arbs from here or install it with the following command.

$ gem install arbs



<p>You may use, copy and redistribute this library under the same terms as
Ruby itself (see <a


<p>To use arbs all you need to do is include the following 2 lines.</p>

<pre>require 'arbs'"[path to]/schema.rb")

The following ActiveRecord::Base methods are supported

Class methods: before_save, belongs_to, has_many, serialize, validates_confirmation_of, validates_presence_of, validates_uniqueness_of
Instance methods: read_attribute, write_attribute

The following ActiveRecord::Schema methods are supported

Class methods: define
Instance methods: add_foreign_key, add_index, create_table


George Malamidis