AppEngine Tools

AppEngine Tools gem provides dev_appserver.rb and appcfg.rb. The development server runs your application on your local computer for testing your application. The server simulates the App Engine datastore, services and sandbox restrictions. A multipurpose tool called appcfg.rb handles all command-line interaction with your application running on App Engine.

Extending the Java Platform to JRuby

These tools work from standard Ruby, no need to install JRuby separately, everything you need installs as gems. Your app has access to all the Java APIs.

Rackup for app configuration

The required XML configuration files are generated from the '' file.

require 'appengine-rack'
    :application => "application-id",           
    :precompilation_enabled => true,
    :version => "1")
run lambda {"Hello").finish }

Bundler for Gem Management

Simply list the gems you require in the 'Gemfile'

# Critical default settings:
bundle_path ".gems/bundler_gems"

# List gems to bundle here:
gem "appengine-rack"