Antilles forks a stub HTTP server using mimic and exposes a simple interface to configure the server. Antilles is meant to work with aruba to make it easier to test command line tools that communicate with Web APIs.

Read this blog post for our motivation.


Antilles works best with cucumber and aruba, but it can be used with any testing tool.

Install the gem:

  gem install antilles

or use bundler:

  group :test do
    gem :antilles

Set up environment, for example with cucumber:

  # features/support/antilles.rb
  require 'antilles/cucumber'

  Antilles.configure do |server|
    server.port = 9876   # defaults to 8080
    server.log = STDOUT  # defaults to nil for no logging

Requiring antilles/cucumber will automatically start a server before all Scenarios tagged @mimic, clear stubs between tests, and tear down the server when the test exits. Look at cucumber.rb if you need to customize this behavior.


Antilles can be configured to do anything mimic can do, but the basic mode of operation is to install stubs:

Given /^creating a membership fails with: (.*)$/ do |error|
  user="[email protected]"
  Antilles.install(:post, "/memberships/#{user}", {:status=>1, :explanation=>error}, :code=>409)