AnalyticsGoo is a gem (or plugin) that provides server side non-javascript tracking using google analytics. The original version tried to mock-up the tracking for use with the UA-* web property ids. The problem with going that route was that all tracking occurs under a single IP address. I have made changes so that it now support google's new MO-* mobile site tracking that allows you to pass the remote IP address via a parameter. The initial intent was to make this look like a logger object. With a single instance that can be used throughout the system; however that is no longer what is needed for our system. We actually need a new version for each request, so the code is still changing.


gem install eyestreet-analytics_goo

Newer usage pattern

Initially I made an adapter pattern thinking that we would support multiple analytics packages. So far I only need Google Analytics:

  tracker = => "MO-11685745-5",
                                                  :domain => "",
                                                  :remote_address => "",
                                                  :user_agent => "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6",
                                                  :http_accept_language => "en-us,en;q=0.5")


The simple usage is the following:

    tracker = AnalyticsGoo.config(:google_analytics, 
                                  :analytics_id => "MO-11685745-5", 
                                  :domain => "")


The first parameter passed to the config initializes the desired analytics adapter. Currently we only support Google Analytics. The subsequent hash provide a name for the account, the analytics id, and a domain.

Rails Usage

In your environment.rb add the following:

config.gem "analytics_goo", :lib => "analytics_goo"

You can call things in the same way as above, or you can mix in some additional rails specific functionality that is shown below. In an intializer like config/initializers/analytics_goo.rb or in your appropriate environment.rb file

    AnalyticsGoo.config(:google_analytics, :analytics_id => "MO-11685745-3", 
                                           :domain => "", 
                                           :rails_core_mixins => true, 
                                           :environment => "production")
  • analytics type - Currently we only support :google_analytics

The analytics option hash takes the following:

  • :analytics_id
  • :domain
  • :rails_core_mixins - Defaults to false. If set to true then you get an accessor method on rails core classes for analytics_goo
  • :environment - The RAILS_ENV environment that the analytics code should be called in. In all other environments it is a noop.

Then in your models, controllers, and mailers you can do the following:

user = User.find(:first)


Check test/test_helper.rb to make sure you have the required gems installed.

rake test or autotest


AnalyticsGoo is maintained by Rob Christie and is funded by EyeStreet Software.

Copyright (c) 2009 rwc9u, Eyestreet Software released under the MIT license