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amaotoは、zinbei zinbeijettの派生です。

jruby -S gem install amaoto

amadare   [zinbeiの派生]

> amadare 
Amaoto version, author + Lisence.
> amadare -v
How to use, engine version up status.

amaoto    [zinbeijettの派生]  
> engine (zinbeijett: *

raindrop  [zinbeiwの派生]
> 機能限定版

raindrop function.

Japanese message.

unbre       JRubyでハローワールド

fibonacci   指定した数字のフィボナッチ数列を表示します

fizz        指定した数字のFizzBizz解答を表示します

week        曜日の判定プログラムです

rss         指定したRSSの投稿時間帯を判別します

reader      RSSの取得先からタイトル表示

result      rssの記号を個数としてカウントします

English message.

unbre       Hello world at JRuby

fibonacci   Displays the Fibonacci sequence of the specified numbers

fizz        Displays the FizzBizz answer of the specified number

week        It is the judgment program of the day of the week

rss         Determine RSS posting time zone

reader      TiTle from where to get RSS

result      Counts the symbol of rss as the number

jruby -S amaoto

.zshrc or .bashrc any message add.

alias amaoto="jruby -S amaoto"
alias amadare="jruby -S amadare"
alias raindrop="jruby -S raindrop"

What do you using Ruby enviroments ?

Q. rbenv(win,mac,linux) or Homebrew(mac) or RubyInstaller(win) ...etc.

What's amaoto ?

Japanese message.


English message.

In association with the song of Chopin, 
it gave it a name. However, 
there is a story that Chopin did not like to put a title on the song. 
It is originated around June that I worked on the development of 
amaoto during the rainy season.