Alchemy CRM Module

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Building and sending Newsletters has never been easier!


A fully featured CRM / Newsletter and Mailings Module for Alchemy CMS.

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  1. Install Alchemy CMS:

  1. Put this line into your projects Gemfile:

    # Gemfile
    gem "alchemy_crm", :git => 'git://', :branch => '2.0-stable'

Or install it via Rubygems:

    $ gem install alchemy_crm
  1. Update your bundle:

    $ bundle
  2. Mount the Alchemy CRM Engine into your app:

    # config/routes.rb
    mount AlchemyCrm::Engine => '/newsletter'
    mount Alchemy::Engine => '/'

    NOTE: It is strongly recommended to mount this module before you mount Alchemy CMS

  3. Copy the migrations into your app and migrate the database:

    $ rake alchemy_crm:install:migrations
    $ rake db:migrate
  4. Seed the database:

    1. Put this line into your projects db/seeds.rb file:

    2. And run this rake task:

      $ rake db:seed
  5. Generate files and folders:

    1. Run scaffold generator

      $ rails g alchemy_crm:scaffold
    2. Run copy elements rake task

      $ rake alchemy_crm:elements:copy