Ajax Validator

Ajax Live Form Validation Rails Engine

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How to install

  1. Add to Gemfile

    gem 'ajax_validator'
  2. Bundle

    bundle install
  3. Create file config/initializers/ajax_validator.rb and specify validatable models

    AjaxValidator::Engine.setup do |config|
      config.ajax_validator_engine = {
        # if form object is used, both classes must be put here
        whitelist_klasses: ['some_klass', 'some_module/some_klass']
  4. Copy migration (currently, not needed)

    bundle exec rake ajax_validator:install:migrations
  5. Run migration (currently, not needed)

    bundle exec rake db:migrate SCOPE=ajax_validator
  6. Run seeds (currently, not needed)

    bundle exec rake ajax_validator:db:seed
  7. Add to config/routes.rb

    mount AjaxValidator::Engine, at: '/ajax_validator'

How to use helpers

Include the needed javascript file in your application.js or application.js.coffee

    //= require ajax_validator/application

    or CoffeeScript
    #= require ajax_validator/application

    Script will add class 'has-error' or 'has-success' to the field wrapping div, based on the result.

    Add these attributes on text input field:
        class: 'ajax_validator__field'
        data-form-object='validations/signup_form_company_name' [Optional, leave empty string '' to validate on model directly]
        data-ignore-resource-attr-value='false' [Optional, set to 'true' when attribute is assembled from additional params instead]
        data-resource-instance-additional-params='{"something": true, "something_else": ""}' [Optional]

    Example on Bootstrap:

    <div class="input-group">
        <input class='form-control ajax_validator__field' data-form-object='validations/signup_form_company_name' data-resource-model='company' data-resource-attr-name='name' type='text' name='signup_form[company]' id='signup_form_company'>

    or HAML:
        = f.text_field :company, class: 'form-control ajax_validator__field', data: {form_object: 'validations/signup_form_company_name', resource_model: 'company', resource_attr_name: 'name'}

How to add a new gem to the engine

  • Add a gem to Gemfile
  • Run: bundle
  • Copy over to multiple gemfiles: bundle exec appraisal install

How to test

cd vendor/engines/ajax_validator/
bundle exec appraisal


bundle exec appraisal rails-4.1 rake db:create db:migrate db:seed
bundle exec appraisal rake spec

  • Optional:

    bundle exec appraisal rails-4.1 rake db:schema:load RAILS_ENV=test

    bundle exec appraisal rails-4.1 rake spec

How to develop

gem 'ajax_validator', path: 'vendor/engines/ajax_validator'

bundle exec rails g scaffold ajax_validator/post name:string --integration_tool=rspec --helper=false --assets=false
bundle exec rake db:migrate