AffirmIt is the supportive testing framework for Ruby. For more information, please see our web site.

Quotes from Dr. Sue Donim

  • "...a study done in 2010, a gedanken experiment, revealed that the number one issue facing software developers and software itself is self-esteem [footnote: 80% of statistics are made up.]..."
  • "insecure, low-confidence, low-self-esteem code results in tentative systems that are not capable of the kind of robust operation we need..."
  • "We need systems that have the creative confidence to take the bold, innovative steps we need them to take; to instill confidence in end users. If this approach is extended from back to front, end users will feel good about the softer outcomes of their inept..."
  • "...countless generations of incompetent people have shown us that you don?t actually need success to feel successful..."
  • " a world where perception is reality, what we need most is our people and our users to feel successful..."