Adyen Admin

Adyen Admin Skin API and Command line tool

A little Gem to make your life easier when dealing with Adyen skins. It offers simple functions to maniu


Install gem

gem install adyen-admin

Make sure you create a Adyen user with Technical Setting rights. Std user rights have to be given as well!


Simple usage case to get all Skins:

require 'adyen/admin'

Adyen::Admin.login(<accountname>, <username>, <password>)

Adyen::Admin::Skin.all  #returns all remote + local skins

skin = Adyen::Admin::Skin.find("<skin code>")  #find (remote) skin by code

zip_file = # get zip file

skin.decompile(zip_file) # unzip file and move to skin path, backup + overwrite existing files

zip_file = skin.compile # unzip file and move to skin path, backup + overwrite existing files


skin.update # to get latest version

skin.test_url # a URL which you can use to 'live' test you skin


Then Skin object represent an adyen skin is mapped to local folder, to a remote endpoint or both. Local only skins are froozen to indicate the missing endpoint.

By now a Skin has following actions:

  • downloaded
  • decompiled
  • uploaded
  • compiled
  • retrieve versions
  • retrieve test_url


Depends on mechanize to access the webinterface


We'll check out your contribution if you:

  • Provide a comprehensive suite of tests for your fork.
  • Have a clear and documented rationale for your changes.
  • Package these up in a pull request.

We'll do our best to help you out with any contribution issues you may have.


The license is included as LICENSE in this directory.