ADP Downloader

This app automatically downloads all ADP pay statements (pay stubs) from MyADP and stores both the JSON and the PDF version of the pay statement. If called multiple times, it will download only statements that have not yet been downloaded.


gem install adp-downloader  # you might have to use sudo


0.2.x --> 0.3.x

Non-interactive netrc authentication is currently not supported due to ADP requiring javascript to perform login. Unfortunately, the only way to use the app is to pass the smsession cookie. :(

0.2.x --> 0.2.3

Statements can now be downloaded by employer/account. This is not a breaking change, but if you want to start downloading statements from multiple employers/accounts, you might want to consider moving all your previous statements into a directory named after the employer. See readme for details. Always backup your statements before upgrading and running new versions.

0.1.x --> 0.2.x

Statements are stored by year and the app uses the PDF ID, that is always available, instead of the ID of the detailed JSON, and statements are also stored in directories by year. You might want to save backup your current statements and manually merge the ones that might not be available anymore in the new folders.



UPDATE: since #6, username and password do not work anymore, so currently the only way to make it work is to create a file called cookie.txt in the working directory containing the SMSESSION cookie. You can get this cookie by logging into ADP and retrieving it from the developer console. It's not great, I know 😞

Go to the directory where you want the pay stubs to be saved and run:


# if you want to download stubs from multiple employers/accounts
adp-downloader --employer <employername>

Enter your credentials and profit: all pay statements currently available will be downloaded, both in JSON and PDF formats. When you receive your next paycheck, just go back to the directory and re-run adp-downloader.

Unattended - CURRENTLY NOT WORKING - see #6

If you want to run it automatically (e.g. in a cron job), create or edit you local .netrc file (usually in your home directory, unless you put it somewhere else) with your credentials:

# in case of a single employer/account
machine adp-downloader login ___username___ password ___password___

# for multiple employers/accounts
machine adp-downloader-employername login ___username___ password ___password___

Adding your credentials to this file will skip the interactive step.


This program is not afiliated with ADP.


adp-downloader is released under the GPL License.