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ActsAsAccount implements a "Double Entry Accounting" system for your Rails-models.

It hooks into ActiveRecord and allows to add accounts to any model by simply means of adding has_account to your model. Because the accounts are connected via a has_many relation no migration to the account-holder tables is needed.

We also hook into the ActionController request cycle to warn the developer if a request has left uncommitted changes in the system.

How to test

Run the cucumber features from the acs_as_account gem, just execute

  • rake features:create_database
  • cucumber

How to release

You need to update the data in VERSION and Rakefile and run rake (because it uses Gemhadar). rake gem:push will push the version to rubygems.


Rails 4 is supported since version 3.1.0, Rails 7 since 3.2.2 .


This gem was written for the payment backend of by Thies C. Arntzen, "thieso2", Norman Timmler, "unnu" and others.

Copyright (c) 2010, 2022 gAG, released under the Apache License v2.0.