Amazon Redshift adapter for ActiveRecord 4 (Rails 4). I copied PostgreSQL driver from ActiveRecord 4.0.0 and modified for Redshift. "Barely works" patch was borrowed from fiksu/activerecord-redshift-adapter.

I know Redshift driver already exists (, but it currently supports only ActiveRecord 3. Also, AR4 code is magnifically different from AR3 code because of file separation, patching does not work well. I want to use Rails 4 with Redshift NOW, so I wrote this driver. If anybody write better Redshift driver which works with ActiveRecord 4, I abandon this driver.


In Gemfile

gem 'activerecord4-redshift-adapter', github: 'aamine/activerecord4-redshift-adapter'

In database.yml

  adapter: redshift
  port: 5439
  database: dev
  username: your_user
  password: your_password
  encoding: utf8
  pool: 3
  timeout: 5000


MIT license (same as ActiveRecord)