ActiveRecord Teradata Adapter for JRuby

Are you using JRuby? ActiveRecord? Teradata? This is for you.

This is a driver that lets you use Teradata with ActiveRecord.


In your Gemfile add

gem 'activerecord-jdbcteradata-driver'

In database.yml add something like

  adapter: teradata
  username: user
  password: pass
  host: hostname
  database: DBC
  pool: 25
  wait_timeout: 5
  tmode: TERA


MIT. Free for you to use any way you want.

Force lowercase attributes

Ruby people like lowercase attribute names. If you have a table that has upper case column names, you can force ActiveRecord to use lowercase attribute names.

For example, if this:

user =
user.first_name = "John"

looks better than:

user =
user.FIRST_NAME = "John"

you can set:

ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::TeradataAdapter.lowercase_schema_reflection = true

in config/initializers

Building the code

A small part of the code is written in java. You are going to want to run:

ruby java_compile.rb

Running tests

bundle exec rspec spec

I am also testing against the activerecord test suite.


Post a message in the issues list. I am happy to respond.


Fork. Do a pull request. Thanks.

Thanks for you contribution

Evgeny Rahman

  • support for <> NULL, != NULL, and = NULL support, as suggested by his colleague Tim Chevalier
  • Downcase support. See #force_downcase_attributes
  • COP mode support
  • Support for users in the issues list