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ActiveCleaner is a set of helpers that helps you in cleaning user-typed content in your ActiveModel depending models (ActiveRecord, Mongoid...)

Extra spaces mean extra storage. And it could ruin your indexes and your sortings.

Tired of doing everywhere:

before_validation :clean_title

def clean_title
  unless title.nil?
    self.title = title.squish
  self.title = nil if title.blank?


Cleaners included

  • :string (StringCleaner, the default one) : cleans all the space characters. It turns " A \n \t title \t " into "A title".
  • :text (TextCleaner) : like :string, but preserves new lines (with a max of 2 successive new lines). useful when the field is rendered with the simple_format Rails helper.
  • :markdown (MarkdownCleaner) : like :text, but preserves spaces in the beginning of lines (the indentation). useful for... markdown!
  • :utf8mb3 (Utf8mb3Cleaner) : removes all 4-bytes encoded chars in UTF8 strings that mess with the utf8 encoding in MySQL (iOS6 emojis for example).


Add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'activecleaner'

Or install with RubyGems:

$ gem install activecleaner


Basic usage

Add include ActiveCleaner in your model and also do:

clean :field_1, :field_2 ... :field_n, options_1: :value, options_2: :value


  • :as (default is :string) : the symbol name of the cleaner.
  • :nilify (default is false) : set to nil when the field was or is cleaned to "".


class Post
  include Mongoid::Document
  include ActiveCleaner

  field :title
  field :subtitle
  clean :title, :subtitle, nilify: true

  field :body
  clean :body, as: :text, nilify: true


Contributions and bug reports are welcome.

Clone the repository and run bundle install to setup the development environment.

Provide a case spec according to your changes/needs, taking example on existing ones (in spec/cases).

To run the specs:

bundle exec rspec

You can also use guard to run the specs during dev.


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