Active Admin Axlsx: Office Open XML Spreadsheet Export for Active Admin

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Author: Randy Morgan

Copyright: 2012 ~ 2013

License: MIT License

Latest Version: 2.0.1

Ruby Version: 1.9.2, 1.9.3

JRuby Version: 1.9 mode

Rubinius Version: rubinius 2.0.0dev * lower versions may run, this gem always tests against head.

Release Date: TBA


This gem provides automatic OOXML (xlsx) downloads for Active Admin resources. It lets you harness the full power of Axlsx when you want to but for the most part just stays out of your way and adds a link next to the csv download for xlsx (Excel/numbers/Libre Office/Google Docs)

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Usage example: Simply add the following to your Gemfile and you are good to go. All resource index views will now include a link for download directly to xlsx.

gem 'activeadmin-axlsx'

Cool Toys

Here are a few quick examples of things you can easily tweak. Axlsx supports A LOT of the specification so if you are looking to do something adventurous please ping me on irc. (freenode#axlsx)

localize column headers

ActiveAdmin.register Post do
  config.xlsx_builder.i18n_scope [:active_record, :models, :posts]

Use blocks for adding computed fields

ActiveAdmin.register Post do
  config.xlsx_builder.column('author_name') do |resource| 

Change the column header style

ActiveAdmin.register Post do
  config.xlsx_builder.header_style = { :bg_color => 'FF0000',
                                       :fg_color => 'FF' }

Remove columns

ActiveAdmin.register Post do
  config.xlsx_builder.delete_columns :id, :created_at, :updated_at

Using the DSL

Everything that you do with the config'd default builder can be done via the resource DSL.

Below is an example of the DSL

ActiveAdmin.register Post do
  # i18n_scope and header style are set via options
  xlsx(:i18n_scope => [:active_admin, :axlsx, :post], 
       :header_style => {:bg_color => 'FF0000', :fg_color => 'FF' }) do

    # deleting columns from the report
    delete_columns :id, :created_at, :updated_at

    # adding a column to the report
    column(:author) { |resource| "#{} #{}" }

    # creating a chart and inserting additional data with after_filter
    after_filter { |sheet|
      sheet.add_row []
      sheet.add_row ['Author Name', 'Number of Posts']
      data = []
      labels = []
      User.all.each do |user|
        data << user.posts.size
        labels << "#{user.first_name} #{user.last_name}"
        sheet.add_row [labels.last, data.last]
      chart_color =  %w(88F700 279CAC B2A200 FD66A3 F20062 C8BA2B 67E6F8 DFFDB9 FFE800 B6F0F8)
      sheet.add_chart(::Axlsx::Pie3DChart, :title => "post by author") do |chart|
        chart.add_series :data => data, :labels => labels, :colors => chart_color
        chart.start_at 4, 0
        chart.end_at 7, 20

    # iserting data with before_filter
    before_filter do |sheet|
      sheet.add_row ['Created',]
      sheet.add_row []


Running specs for this gem requires that you construct a rails application. To execute the specs, navigate to the gem directory, run bundle install and run these to rake tasks:

bundle exec rake setup
bundle exec rake


2013.03.21 Release 2.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with missing objects when using the DSL. Huge thanks to Fivell 2012.11.29 Release 2.0.0
  • resouce content column are now pre-populated.
  • added before and after filters
  • 100% spec coverage


  • Fixed DSL referencing
  • Added delete_columns to builder and DSL

Copyright and License

activeadmin-axlsx © 2012 ~ 2013 by Randy Morgan.

activeadmin-axlsx is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE document for more information.