ActiveAdmin Sidebar

Provides ability to manipulate sidebar position for ActiveAdmin (tested with ActiveAdmin ~> 1.0.0)


Add following line to the Gemfile

gem 'active_admin_sidebar'

Add following line to the app/assets/stylesheets/active_admin.css.scss

  @import "active_admin_sidebar";

If you want to use collapsing feature, add following line

  //= require active_admin_sidebar

to the app/assets/javascripts/active_admin.js

Configuration per resource

Changing sidebar position dynamically with before_action

  # app/admin/posts.rb
  ActiveAdmin.register Post do
    before_action :left_sidebar!, only: [:show]

  # app/admin/comments.rb
  ActiveAdmin.register Comment do
    before_action :right_sidebar!

Global configuration

Moving sidebar to the left within all resource. Set configuration in config/initializers/active_admin.rb

  # == Controller before-actions
  # You can add before, after and around actions to all of your resources
  ActiveAdmin.setup do |config|
    config.before_action do
      left_sidebar! if respond_to?(:left_sidebar!)

Collapsing sidebar

You can use sidebar collapsing. It will add "hide/show" button. Shown/Hidden state is persisted across all pages.

  left_sidebar!(collapsed: true)

You can override button color according to your color theme. For example:

  body.active_admin {
    #active_admin_content.left_sidebar, #active_admin_content.collapsed_sidebar {
      .collapse_btn, .uncollapse_btn {
          background-color: #767270;


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