ActionMailer automatic URL options

Make ActionMailer use the current request host, port and protocol for URL generation.


In Rails apps, if you create links in your emails, you need to set the host, port and protocol in every environment configuration file you use.

This plugin removes that need by using the current request's host, port and protocol instead.

This is also helpful when you use different domain names, based on the language for example.


Add these lines to your Rails application's Gemfile:

# Add the current request host and protocol in email URLs
gem "action_mailer_auto_url_options"

Run bundle install, restart your server and that's it!

Usage with Sidekiq

If you delay your emails with Sidekiq, include this middleware in config/initializers/sidekiq.rb:

require "action_mailer_auto_url_options/middleware/sidekiq"




Clone this project, then install dependencies with:

$ bundle

And launch tests with:

$ bundle exec rspec